Mayday, Mayday!

I received an e-mail from Sarah this week, and she agreed that we should post it, in hopes of finding help from the wider world. I can’t personally offer a solution — my daughter STILL reads any new Rainbow Magic title that comes her way. And lately… she says she wants to take over when Daisy Meadows retires. This despite my explainations about Daisy Meadows NOT BEING REAL!

Whew… where were we? Ah, yes, help for Sarah. She writes:

Saints preserve me, Fiona has discovered Daisy Meadows’ Fairy Series that you used to rant about your prodigy reading a year ago. And since my daughter is not a prodigy, I have to read them to her. I had been deflecting her interest as stealthily but strongly as possible at the library, but when we came across one about a Fairy named Fiona, I could not be so cruel as to resist. And now she’s hooked. And they’re so bland they’re vile. Any survival tips?
– Sarah

So, what do to? Do we huck all the Rainbow Magic and refuse to read anything that doesn’t come with an author photo? Go Oregon-evangelical and host a book burning? Or do we give ourselves over to the fairies and goblins, all the while repeating to ourselves that any reading is good reading?

All advice welcome.

2 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday!

  1. Tanya Post author

    Well, answers to this questions aren’t exactly pouring in! Maybe no one has found the solution to the Rainbow Magic problem.

    So far, my best strategy has been to put other tempting books around the house and say, “I’m not sure you should read these. They’re for older kids.” They’re snatched up like lollipops.

  2. Sarah

    Good strategy. I’ll work it into my repertoire. And any reading is good reading. I do know that. I’ll have time to think of other strategies, since my mind is not otherwise occupied while reading the Rainbow Magic series.


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