Mea culpa

I take my son to the library every few weeks and point him straight at the picture book section. He chooses a few titles, which we take home, read once, and put on the shelf. He likes the choosing, but he’s never been as interested in the actual books. (With the exceptions of Don’t Let the Penguin Drive the Bus and Where the Wild Things Are, read approximately 6,354 times each.)

Well, we went on vacation with some other kids this summer, and one of them happened to have a book about subways. My son wanted that book read at least twice a day, every day.

This is where I admit that I have never thought to take him to the non-fiction section of the library. Despite the fact that I’m a non-fiction writer. Despite the fact that his father reads only non-fiction.

Yes, I am an idiot.

This week, we have chosen a book about submarines, a book about passenger trains, and… the immediate all-time favorite… a book about sharks.

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