Mom used to tell me to do something useful, too

I’ve been reading about ways to make a blog more popular. I’m supposed to comment on other people’s blogs, when I have something intelligent to say. (Check.) I’m supposed to post regularly. (Check.) And I’m supposed to be useful.

I’m a bit torn about this idea, for a few reasons.
1. I enjoy rambling on about whatever I’m reading, or writing, or thinking. And I think Min enjoys not having to hear about any of those things, now that I have a convenient internet outlet for my opinions.
2. It kinda freaks me out when strangers follow my blog. For example, one of you followers is named Beast. Are you a friendly sort of beast?

3. Being useful implies that I must actually know things. I am generally more comfortable with everyone assuming that I’m bumbling along with my books, while chewing on my blonde split ends. That’s the strategy that served me so well in high school.
4. As my sister can confirm, I am naturally a bossy advice-giver. I have to work against this tendency in regular life.
On the other hand, 50 Burning Questions will be my tenth published book. Surely I know a few things that would be useful? One would hope.
Consider yourself warned. I’m thinking that once a week, this blog may become useful. On a completely temporary, trial basis.

1 thought on “Mom used to tell me to do something useful, too

  1. Tan

    Nice to virtually meet you, Alex! I have added a subscription button, which I personally thought was a feat of technical ability.


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