Monday morning confessional

The rest of my house is somewhat presentable, but I can’t seem to control this bedside table. I’ve just completed a short archaeological dig, and here’s what’s in the stack at the moment:

  • Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit
  • The Shock Doctrine
  • A half-read issue of The Children’s Book News
  • The Weekend Novelist (which I’m hating, and should put on a shelf)
  • Among Insurgents: Walking Through Burma
  • A notebook
  • A half-read issue of The Walrus
  • Trixie Belden: The Mystery of the Velvet Gown (don’t ask, I have no idea)
  • Left Hook: A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing 

And it continues… In the drawer below, there are two novels I have yet to start:

  • Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Icefields

Now I’ve shared my stash. What’s on your bedside table? 

Are you the oh-that-dessert’s-too-rich-for-me-I-couldn’t-possibly type with one pristine copy of Ulysses at your side? Or does yours look more like mine? What are you reading on these long summer evenings?

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