More on lists…

Rachelle Delaney posted her Top 10 list in response to my Top 10, and on her list… breakfast cereal.

Now, breakfast cereal is one of three things that, during my cash-strapped UVic era (and my cash-strapped post-UVic era), I swore I would one day buy weekly. The other two things were hardcover books and shirts. (Let’s admit that I’ve never had particularly lofty goals. Except for that small matter of a Governor General’s Award.)

Now, the appeal of my post-grad list has faded a little. Mostly, I work from home. There are only so many shirts I can wear to amuse myself. For a while, I considered working in a tennis outfit, just because they look fun, but really… those things are chilly. So, I rotate my small stock of shirts.

Hardcover books? Beautiful. And heavy as heck, thus hard on the wrists when reading in bed or in the bath. Also, a pain to store afterwards.

Breakfast cereal is still the most appealing of the three. But I’m trying to feed my kids healthy, whole-grain- and fruit-infused breakfasts and somehow I get sucked into eating them myself instead of the Honey Nut. It is wonderful as a midnight snack, though…

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