More wise words

Remember my post about great words in other languages? Well, my friend Rachelle told me that a Lebanese ex-boyfriend told her (confused yet?) that there’s a specific word in Lebanese used only to greet someone as they’re emerging from the shower.

This begged to be investigated. Unfortunately, there was no time to fly to Lebanon and find someone with whom to shower.

Instead, I found a mom at my kids’ school who’s Lebanese, and I accosted her in the hallway.

It’s true.

In Lebanese, na-eman is how you greet someone coming from the shower. It means, as far as I understand, “God bless you, you’ve been purified.”

The proper response is na-eman aleyk.

Rather romantic, I think.

But I have to tell you, these words are not pronounced phonetically. I’m afraid Min may have to continue to exit his showers without being properly greeted.

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