Move along, people, nothing to see here

We had our appliances replaced last week. Which sounded easy in the store, and turned out to involve two visits by moving companies, three visits by the installer, one very dusty visit from a stonecutter, two visits from a gas line something-or-other, many mornings trapped upstairs with my children, and a near nervous breakdown.

In the midst of it all, one of our window frames spontaneously combusted, requiring a visit from the window-frame-fixers.

And now there’s a man downstairs replacing the logic board on our garage door, which has been opening spontaneously in the middle of the night and triggering a large flashing light that says, “Rob us! Rob us!” (Garage doors have logic boards? Who knew?)

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a wonderful woman from our church who used to sit with me in the lobby (because my son refused to attend the nursery) and tell me stories of her life as a young mother of seven. (Very graciously, she rarely mentioned that she started a daycare center, a program for the children of single mothers, a drop-in morning for the disadvantaged, a centre for children with special needs in Mexico, and a senior’s program at the same time.)

When her daughter saw me after the service and said, “she really liked you, actually,” I burst into inappropriately obvious tears.

Then I went directly to ultimate, where we lost in the season semifinals.

I wonder why I’m having trouble concentrating this morning?

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