My brain hatched… and it’s a chicken

I had a great time at the Spring Book Hatching this weekend. But you know how they say that introverts are drained after group events, while extraverts are energized?

Well, I left the hatching, drove into Yaletown, got completely mixed up and turned around (despite the fact I lived there for two years), decided to drive down to Pacific and go home that way, and completely missed the turn onto Pacific.

Thankfully, my brain was still functioning just enough to ensure I turned on Marinaside and didn’t continue driving right onto the yacht docks. Yeesh.

You know, the exact same thing happened when I was living near the Nanaimo Street skytrain station and two men jumped out of the car in front of me, drew guns, and pointed them at the next car along. I turned around and I was so freaked out that I was almost to the border of Burnaby before I realized I was driving in the wrong direction.

And the men with the guns? They turned out to be undercover cops.

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