My new bod

Look what’s up on the Amazon site for pre-order! The newest title in the 50 Questions series:


This may have my favourite all-time subtitle. (“A Book That Spills Its Guts” in case you can’t read it in the graphic above.) And the book is packed with every strange bodily function anecdote I could find.

For example, you can learn all about Alexis St. Martin. When he was shot by a musket, the wound didn’t heal properly, leaving him with a permanent hole in his abdomen. He travelled across the continent with army doc William Beaumont, who made money by dangling bits of food into the hole and then revealing them half-digested.

Doesn’t that just whet your appetite? For reading, at least?

My partner-in-crime Ross Kinnaird has outdone himself on the illustrations. So even if you’re not into half-digested-food stories, you should still have a look!

4 thoughts on “My new bod

  1. Jacqui

    Yep. Definitely ordering one of those. Nicely done.

    PS LOVING ‘Anywhere But Here.’ Although must admit: a bit surprised how in touch you are with your inner-teenage-boy.

  2. Tanya Kyi

    Thank you both!

    And yes, I have somehow channeled a teenage boy. I don’t know how it happened. Jacqui, your husband has already e-mailed to discuss the number of sex scenes in the book. He suggested I add just a little MORE sex, then market it as adult fiction. 🙂


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