My new tome

Bad news for all of my blog readers… I’ve started a new non-fiction tome. This one’s going to take me months to read, which means I may be blogging about it as often as I blogged about The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

The new book is The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein. And it’s not new at all, actually. Min and I bought a copy when we went to see Klein speak in October as part of the Writer’s Festival.

Here’s the conversation we had before seeing her speak…

Me: I wish I could be her. She’s unbelievably smart.

Min: You’re that smart. She just knows a lot about her particular field.

And after seeing her speak…

Min: Okay, you were right. You’re not that smart.

On the way home, we fought over who would get to read the book first. Min won, on the condition that if he wasn’t finished it by Christmas, I would get a turn.

Min placed the tome within reach of his favorite reading spot (guess) and… finished the table of contents by Christmas.

I, one the other hand, have achieved chapter two! The first chapter was about brain washing and psychological torture, which was appalling but mesmerizing, in the watching-a-car-crash kind of way. Chapter two was about how the same sort of brain washing and torture can be used on an international scale. My puny brain (see above) was straining to keep up, but I think I’ve absorbed enough to attempt chapter three.

Wish me luck!

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