My next building project

I always thought bomb shelters were funny. I grew up after the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and elementary school nuclear war drills. I never understood how people thought their bomb shelters were going to help. Were they going to burrow under their gardens for a week or a month and eat canned goods until… what?… the apocalypse was suddenly over and they could move back into their split levels?

I hereby eat every word of my former scoffing. I just finished reading this week’s Georgia Straight and an article about how the North Pole could be completely ice free by the summer of 2013. I’m now hyperventilating, as I do every time I read something like this. And if there was some sort of climate change shelter I could build, maybe a nice igloo shape stocked with a year of extra ice cubes, and if that shelter could protect my kids for an extra week or month, I would SO TOTALLY be building it tomorrow.

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