My weekend, in summary

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It’s true. I spent every spare moment all weekend reading Leviathan and Behemoth, and I’m partway through Goliath. It seems I’m now a fan of steampunk.

Don’t know what steampunk is? Well, neither did I until this weekend. You might have to read the books to find out… but I wouldn’t recommend starting them if you have anything important to accomplish.

5 thoughts on “My weekend, in summary

  1. Deryn

    Thank you for this! I have been curious about steampunk for quite some time, but was not sure where to start.

    In news here, my son discovered his first fantasy novel on the weekend. He’s 10. I’m not sure we will see him again until he’s 17 or so.

  2. Deryn

    Would I not need to know what steampunk was first? I think HE should write them I’ll read them. I did wonder the other day how old he will need to be before I let him read my books. I decided: 30.

  3. Tanya

    Ah. Is that when he’s allowed to start dating, too? 🙂

    My daughter has started reading my books… which is kind of freaking me out. I hope I didn’t put anything too gruesome in there.

  4. Deryn

    But of course! That’s a good age, isn’t it? We have read 50 Questions about Fire multiple times in this house. It is just right reading for precocious primary schoolers.


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