Navel gazing through my reading glasses

The totals are in. I mentioned yesterday that I’d read 65 books for pleasure in 2013. That included:

Eight non-fiction titles;
Seventeen fiction;
Seventeen teen novels;
Twenty middle-grade novels; and,
Three classics.

It’s probably of interest to no one but me, but I learned that I read a LOT of middle-grade (not because it’s my favourite age range, but because there’s a constant supply in my house), I read more contemporary fiction than I would have thought, and yeesh… classics are long.

Also, 48 books by women. Twenty by Canadians. Zero poetry collections, though two novels in verse.

Here are my three personal favourites of the year, regardless of category:

The Crooked Maid. This was (a) historical and (b) creepy — two things I will never achieve in my writing. I spent the whole book in awestruck wonder at Dan Vyleta’s plot twistings and setting details. It was entirely unlike what I usually read, and I think that’s why I loved it.


Code Name Verity. Do I have to explain why I chose this? I dare anyone to read it without falling in love. Elizabeth Wein created a gripping, heart-wrenching portrayal of friendship and war written in a unique form that kept me guessing until the end. (And I enjoyed the sequel almost as much.)


Packing for Mars. Who doesn’t crave a good space story? Plus, I’m in love with Mary Roach. There, I said it. There are not many non-fiction writers for adults who can keep me eagerly turning pages, but she does it effortlessly. (Well, it seems effortless. I’m sure it’s not. It’s appearances that count, right?)


Now, onwards to 2014! So many books, so little time!

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