Neighbourhood watch

I’m baking cookies for the neighbours.

Earlier this week, Min was bravely coaching soccer in the pouring rain. Two parents failed to show up to collect their sons, so he stood in the rain a little longer than usual. Meanwhile, our house alarm had gone off. We have a security company that’s supposed to show up within five minutes, but it seems they were a little slow on this particular evening and our neighbours from both sides turned up to check the doors and windows and scout the backyard.

And where was I during all this chaos?

In a coffee shop, enjoying my book.

See, I was in charge of driving my daughter and her friend to soccer that night, but I don’t actually know how to play soccer, and it was raining, and the coffee shop down the street seemed so quiet and inviting…

I am not very helpful in a crisis. But I do make good cookies, and hopefully they will make up for everything.

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