No boys, no make-up, no… books?

Most days, having a precocious kindergartener around is quite a thrill. But holy smokes, batman, it’s hard to track what that girl’s reading.

Until recently, I let her handle things like the Rainbow Magic and the Magic Treehouse books on her own, while we tackled more challenging reads such as The Borrowers and Julie and the Wolves together. That allowed me to magically edit things like the sexual assault in the middle of the Julie and the Wolves. (Yikes! It became a fistfight in my reading…)

Last week she started the Narnia series. By herself. I have no idea what’s in those books! I only read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and I don’t remember that being any stroll in the park. I quickly started reading The Magician’s Nephew… just to check it out. Of course, I got caught. And now Ms. Independent doesn’t want to read The Magician’s Nephew anymore. She’s skipped to book seven to spite me.

(In related news, Grandma bought the munchkin a stack of Lizzie McGuire novels at Value Village. They lasted about 24 hours before Min confiscated them on the grounds that they included make-up and boys.)

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