Not quite as planned…

I had a post planned for today. I was going to write about wiping away tears as my son headed into kindergarten. Then I was going to list all the things I’d achieved with my newfound quiet time.

I achieved nothing.

Well, I did get to the post office. And I may have answered an e-mail or two. That’s it. Apparently, kindergarten starts very gradually — only two hours a day — and there are all sorts of teacher meetings and playdates and sports teams to manage in the other hours. Then there’s my habit of turning in slow circles, flapping my hands, wondering which of my projects I’m most behind on.

Full days start next Wednesday. Maybe I’ll have a list of accomplishments for you the week after that.


1 thought on “Not quite as planned…

  1. Mary Jane

    Hi Tanya
    I spent last week helping my son and his wife get their boy Daniel off to Kindergarten. I know what you are talking about. This week his day is short but at least he is now in the swing of Kindergarten. I am still needed because of the hours not fitting the working lives of the parents. I think they will need me a lot this year. Yikes! A two hour drive to Maple Ridge each time. I am glad I can help out. It must be so hard for most working parents until the kids get into regular school hours.
    Good luck with your projects.
    And many thanks for visiting my blog today and thanks for the comments about my crazy wild animated story. Your comments made my day and now I don’t feel quite so crazy for making it. I would love it if you posted it to CWILL.


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