Off to Ontario

I’m heading to Ontario in May, as part of the annual TD Canadian Children’s Book Week tour. Each year, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre chooses thirty authors, illustrators, and storytellers and sends them to a province outside their own for a tour of schools and libraries.

This year, I’m one of the thirty!

I fly into Ottawa on May 5th, then spend a week winding my way toward Toronto, via Nepean, Sharbot Lake, Tweed, Marmora, Dunsford, and Buckhorn.

I have to admit, my grasp of Ontario geography is a little fuzzy. Last time I was there, I had to use Google Maps to figure out which Great Lake I was standing beside. But my world view’s going to be bigger and better by May 11th.

A big thank you to TD Canadian Children’s Book Week for the opportunity. And Ontario readers, I can’t wait to meet you!

4 thoughts on “Off to Ontario

  1. Sarah Rocchi

    Hey – So my sister, who is an aspiring writer, lives about half an hour from Dunsford. I’ve been dying to try and get you two together. Are you looking for a dinner date while you’re there? Someone to show you the bright lights of Lindsay (or at least the Butter Tart House?). What’s your itnerary/gig while you’re there?

  2. Sarah Rocchi

    also – don’t worry about your fuzzy grasp of geography. The towns they are sending you to are seriously obscure.

  3. Tanya Kyi

    I would love to meet your sister! And I do love butter tarts. I don’t have my detailed itinerary yet, so I don’t know if I’m staying in Dunsford on Thursday night. But I should find out in the next few days. I’ll email you!


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