On preferring flakes frosted

I live just up the street from a wonderful and rather flakey bookshop, a store where every book is imbued with enough incense to smell up my house for a week or two after purchase. We all have our flakey sides, of course, and I’ve been known to stop in for kale or quinoa cookbooks, or The Zero-Mile Diet, or even a book about how to feed yourself and your goats from your backyard. (Um… that one may have been a gift.)

This morning, though, I spotted a book that wins the flakey award hands-down:


I have quite a few questions. Is this a business guide? Can psychic powers be learned? Would it be inconvenient if the dead began communicating with me, or could I keep set hours?

I didn’t buy the book. I was too worried I’d be struck by lightening. But, I’d really like someone else to buy it, try it out, and let me know how it goes. Volunteers?

The kale cookbook, by the way, was a huge flop. My family unanimously voted in favour of starvation over eating more kale.

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