On the bookshelf…

My friend Krystal hates sad endings. In fact, when a group of my girlfriends started a book club (which lasted one month), Krystal insisted on knowing the ending of any book before she would consider reading it. She vetoed violence, war, black humor, and anything related to The Kite Runner, which had apparently permanently scarred her.

Krystal generously gave me a gift certificate to Tanner’s Books for my birthday — my favorite kind of birthday present.

I’m sure she’ll be horrified to discover that I bought A Long Way Gone, a book about a child soldier. It includes violence, war, and even humor (but no kites).

It was an affecting read, written by a boy who seems destined to have become a storyteller. It’s full of brief glimpses of beauty and peace and friendship in the midst of horror. And, Krystal, you will be happy to know that it all turns out okay in the end… at least for this one particular boy.

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