On the goucher list

What’s a goucher? Well, if you’re a dedicated tlk reader, you’ll know that it’s a “a coincidence that goes beyond the realm of mere coincidence.” (You can click here to become one of those in the know.)

How’s this for the list? My daughter reads No Pets Allowed, by Irene Watts, and loves it. She reads it twice in one week.

So I e-mail Irene to pass on the compliments. I once met Irene’s daughter, whose name is also Tanya. And when Irene gets my e-mail about my daughter, she sends me a message back to say her eldest daughter has the same name as mine.

What a coincidence…

But wait! I then e-mail Irene (are you following all this?) to say that my son’s name is the name of one of her main characters. And then she e-mails me to say that’s the name of her eldest grandson!


If by some miracle of birth control failure I ever have a third child, and it’s a girl, I’ll obviously have to name her Irene.

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