Only if you love me…

You know how before they pass the offering basket at church, the pastor tells visitors they shouldn’t feel obligated to give? Well, this is that moment. If you’ve popped by for the first time, feel free to skip this post and read about waxing, or ESL dumplings, or my husband’s technology addiction instead.

The rest of you lovely people… I have a favour (or three) to ask. If you’ve picked up a copy of Anywhere But Here and you’d like to help out your friendly neighbourhood writer, could you consider the following?

* Give the book some stars on Amazon. A few good ratings or nice comments can make a big difference.

* Join Goodreads and rate the book. (Then add me as a friend, because it’s fun.)

* Tell your friends. Despite all the hoopla about social media, word-of-mouth remains a huge driver of book sales.

Massive thanks in advance for your help!

I feel like we should sing some hymns next…

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