Only in B.C.

This is my daughter and my sister at Rathtrevor Beach on Vancouver Island, where we spent part of Easter weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous. Sort of reminded me of the time an ex-boyfriend stood on a cliff in Squamish and yelled, “Only in B.C., folks, only in B.C.!” He was a little excited about… sunshine, I think.

And sunshine in April is a glorious thing!

3 thoughts on “Only in B.C.

  1. Tanya Kyi

    There are geoducks there? Those are strange and alien-looking creatures. This weekend, there were lots of herring, apparently — but we only smelled those, we didn’t see them!

  2. Jacquie

    We were on Vancouver Island for the Easter weekend too, but unfortunately didn’t get near any beaches (our river walk as green and beautiful, though). Haven’t been to Rathtrevor in years


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