Only the positive…

With the world ending, and temperatures rising, and guys like Joe Oliver running the country, it’s so easy to think of the negative. So I’ve made a list of all the good things that happened this weekend:

  • I wrote a chapter. I’m working on an early reader at the moment, and there are huge advantages to this. Three pages, and I’ve finished a chapter. It’s such a shortcut to that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. (For the sake of this all-positive post, we’re ignoring the possibility of future rewrites.)
  • My family went sledding! Yes, it’s true. No one threw up. No one cried. We drove to a mountain and we accomplished a winter recreational activity. Hallelujah!
  • I was once again NOT hit by falling space crap. Such a relief.

And, looking ahead to good things to come this week:

  • My laptop, which was hogged by my husband all last week, has now been returned to me. (Actually, it was returned on Thursday, but without the power cord. I immediately hired divorce lawyers and they have since rectified the situation.) With luck, I can sit in Blenz, pretend I’m in Paris, and finish yet another three-page chapter.
  • My friend Jacqui and I are going to a play! A play by Bill Richardson and Veda Hille. For that, I’d walk through space junk. Probably.

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