A few months ago, my friend Rachelle Delaney blogged about writing in coffee shops, and the importance of finding the balance between good coffee and anonymity.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since. I completely agree on the need for anonymity. For the same reason I can’t work at a computer when my back’s to the door, I can’t work when people are wondering what I’m writing. I can feel the pressure building like a mudslide waiting to happen. I mean, maybe I’m writing crap, okay? OKAY? I understand that! There’s absolutely no need for you to go POINTING IT OUT!

Whew. That settles it. If someone asked what I was working on… I’d have to switch coffee shops. Immediately.

To add to Rachelle’s list, two of my favourite haunts are: My Local Cafe on West 10th and Highbury, where they are much too cool to take an interest in your work; and Caffe Artigiano on Broadway, where they are much too busy to care.

4 thoughts on “Percolating

  1. Rachelle

    I find it nerve-wracking to write on an airplane (or rather, write WHILE on an airplane). The person beside me inevitably tries to read what I’m writing. They think they’re being so sneaky, but I can just feel their beady eyes on my screen.

  2. Tanya Post author

    I’ve heard the best thing to do on an airplane is colour, VERY seriously. Then people think you’re crazy and leave you alone.


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