Pressing questions

I am taking a writing class tomorrow afternoon with Chris Humphries, who has instructed us each to come prepared with a pressing question. I’m having trouble deciding what to ask. There are so many options…

What cosmic force causes my children to sleep like angels when my writing is going badly, but wake after 45 minutes whenever I’m on a good streak?

Why exactly am I writing when I could be napping?

Okay, I know you’ve never seen it, but do you think the entire project I’m working on is a piece of poo? You can be honest.

Should I rewrite chapter twelve?

I’ve always envied professional tennis players their cute little outfits. I was thinking, why can’t I wear outfits like that to work? No one sees me anyway. Do you know where they buy them?

Have you ever heard of the word “wubble“?

A student once asked me if I could sign a pair of socks for him to auction on E-Bay. Has that ever happened to you? (And in such a case, don’t you think the student should be required to bring you a replacement pair?)

I’m sorry…. What was this course about again?

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