Probably no poetry slams in my future, but…

I went to a great CWILL BC workshop yesterday led by Ivan Coyote. I arrived with a huge admiration for Ivan’s amazing storytelling talents, her ability to let connected anecdotes run off her tongue, and her stage presence. I was hoping a drop or two of all that might rub off on me.

What I learned (again) is that what seems like unbelievable talent is usually a heap of talent combined with a heap of hard work. Ivan talked about spending hours perfecting and memorizing her material, she talked about learning from other performers (good and bad). She even suggested that people borrow or buy their own microphones, so they can be completely comfortable when they walk up on stage.

I may not be buying a microphone for my handful of presentations each year. But I am going to keep working at them, with the goal of one day being able to speak in public without wrapping myself in absorbent towels and three coats of deodorant.

One can always hope…

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