Proceed at your own risk

This week’s San Diego Momma freewrite theme is deception, in 10 minutes or less.

It’s such a good word… not nearly as crass as lying and so much more sophisticated than cheating. It makes me think of crafty thieves with British accents or debonair spies.

Apologies in advance to my friend who’s mom used to work for British intelligence… and enter her office through a hat shop.


When she arrived at the address, she discovered it was a hat shop. She’d expected some sort of storefront — they’d warned her of that much. But a hat shop? It seemed too obvious, too spy-like, something right out of a James Bond escapade. Could this really be the agency?

There was nothing to do but push open the door and duck inside. The hats were actually quite stylish, and she hesitated. Should she pretend to shop, in case anyone was watching? Then she rolled her eyes at own thoughts. Anyone watching would surely notice when she didn’t emerge from the shop after a few minutes. A little shopping wasn’t going to help. And what if one of her soon-to-be coworkers saw her? She’d be known forever as the intelligence agent who got distracted by the hip beret.

Licking her fingers and running them through her hair one last time, she headed for the back door, which revealed an elevator. She stepped inside, suddenly nervous again. The doors closed with a frightening finality.

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