Proposal Writing: 5

Your intended publisher needs to know, without having to flip to the sample text, who is going to be reading your final book. Are you aiming for preschoolers? middle grade readers? young adults? If you’re writing for adults, is there an international community of 5.6 million daisy-chain makers to read your Flower Children for a New Age?

If you’re writing for general interest, this section is easy. If your book appeals only to a special interest group, you’re going to have to sell the size and the enthusiasm of your potential readership.

My rather basic example:

This project is designed for 10- to 13-year-old readers. Those are the readers most likely to be familiar with
Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World and Canadian Boys Who Rocked the World. It’s also an age group old enough to advocate effectively, and young enough to wholeheartedly believe that change is possible.

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