Rain School

I received a lovely prize package this week from Paper Tigers. I’m not sure how I became eligible for this prize, but I think it was through my immense talent for clicking “like” on Facebook pages. (I’m especially clever that way.)

Paper Tigers is an organization that fosters literacy and multi-cultural respect through books. They do many, many impressive things: run a website packed with reviews and recommendations for multicultural children’s titles; donate books to struggling schools and libraries all over the world; and work with small communities to ensure clean drinking water.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little unworthy to receive this prize. I’ve donated the books to my children’s school, along with some Paper Tigers info. But we did read them first!

My personal favourite was Rain School, by James Rumford, about a little boy on his way to school for the first time, in Chad. He arrives to find that he will have to help build the school before he can attend, and then the year after… well, you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out. Let’s just say my son was shocked, then amazed. You can scroll down here to find a student review, which might give some hints.

Thank you, Paper Tigers, and congratulations on your ten-year anniversary!

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