Random thoughts for a new week

  • Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day! (I know. I should have told you earlier. I’m so sorry you missed it, but it fit in nicely with my plans to stand in the backyard naked and wait for Google Earth to photograph me.)
  • Only a few more days to comment on this post, and enter to win Jacquie Pearce‘s wonderful new chapter book! Incidentally, I just bought another Jacquie Pearce title for a small friend in Britain. It’s called Discovering Emily.
  • My friend Deryn — awesome — wrote a post about being influenced by Sandra Gulland — uber awesome (no offence, Deryn) — and then Sandra Gulland wrote a post about Deryn. How cool is that? Sandra Gulland, if you’d like to write a post about me, you can. You can even check Google Earth for photos.
  • For research purposes, I’ve been carrying around a book called Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m already married, because this is not a way to make new male friends.

1 thought on “Random thoughts for a new week

  1. Deryn

    Hey Tanya! Thanks for the mention.
    Wasn’t that whole catch-a-blog game fun? Twitter amazes me, almost as much as Sandra Gulland does. She is indeed uber-awesome.


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