Rattlesnakes and me

Here’s my favourite new writer’s studio. I was all set to completely fall in love when I read this line:

Rattlesnakes, lizards, coyotes and ravens, are frequent visitors, and most days red-tailed hawks can be sighted circling overhead.

Um… rattlesnakes? Now, rattlesnakes and I have a personal history. They could have killed me in utero, and they chose not to. You see, my dad and my very pregnant mom were out boating on Kalamalka Lake, when they found a perfectly deserted hillside and settled in for a picnic. When they got back to civilization later that day, the locals said, “Hey, we saw you across the lake. What were you doing on Rattlesnake Hill?”

True story. I’m here today because of the kindness of rattlesnakes.

Plus, if you’ve read 50 Poisonous Questions, you’ll know that humans are way, way, way, way (way!) more dangerous to rattlesnakes than rattlesnakes are to humans.

But still. “Frequent visitors”? I’m just not sure I could concentrate.

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