Real food

Grandma gave my daughter a big stack of Noddy books this summer. The munchkin quickly learned that chapter books have more words than picture books, which means Mommy has to let her stay up later to finish reading.

We’ve been reading Noddy books, two chapters per day, since September. We’ve finally run out.

I have no idea what chapter books are appropriate for a four-year-old, so you’d think we would head over to the library and ask the children’s librarian. Every night, at bedtime, I think “why didn’t we go to the library today?”

I’ve been forced to rummage through my bookshelves in search of suitable titles. Charlotte’s Web was a huge hit. And now we’re on to Little House in the Big Woods.

There’s only one problem. Charlotte’s Web is all about a talking pig. And in the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods, they… um… butcher the pig.

This lead to the following conversation:

She: Mommy, why are they killing the pig?

Me: For food. But he’s not a talking pig like Wilbur. He’s just a regular food pig.

She: Why do they have to eat him? Why don’t they buy real food at the store?

Let’s just say that I’d better haul to the library fast, in case they slaughter a chicken in chapter two…

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