I have this wee habit of reading other people’s books before they’re finished with them.

It’s just so tempting. The book’s sitting there, spine already cracked. I know it’s going to be days or weeks until it’s my turn. I could just take it, read it, and have it back in place before my theft is discovered.

I admit that, seen from a certain perspective, this could be annoying.

Min now tells me specifically when he starts a book that I’m not allowed to read it until he’s finished. (This means there are quite a few books I NEVER get to read, including, by the looks of it, the Steve Jobs biography.)

I’ve tried to reform. I try to be good.

But last week, my daughter started reading the first Harry Potter book. The first Harry Potter book for the first time. It was so exciting! So, I couldn’t help reading it.

She decided to save the second book for the next time we take a trip somewhere. But… well… I couldn’t stop. I started the second book. And then I got caught. There she was, standing at the end of the bed, saying, “I know you’re reading Harry Potter, Mommy.”

Ouch. Red-handed.

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