Renovation revision

I was still glowing with my shower-tile-sealing sense of accomplishment when my dad called me yesterday.

He’d read the blog. He called to tell me that I had used silicon grout on the shower tiles instead of silicon sealer. Grout is the one that comes in a tube that can only be squeezed by a 200-pound man. Sealer comes in a bottle and can be applied with a children’s paintbrush. And apparently, grout gets mildew.

“Do not, whatever you do, get the shower wet.”

So, I spent two hours yesterday undoing the project that I’d spent two hours doing on Tuesday. It took five toothbrushes (one of which turned out to be my sister’s, incidentally), one scrub brush, a rag, and two rubber gloves to rub all the grout from between the tiles.

Let’s just say that if I had a day job, I’d be sticking to it.

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