Road trip tales

I’m just back from a mini road trip to the U.S., which has inspired me to share my best-ever road trip story.

So, Min and the kids and I are heading to Creston, and we’re at the tail end of driving day two. We’re playing this ridiculous game where we choose an everyday object and everyone has to rename it. Then we vote on the best new name.

The object in question is “refrigerator.” I say it should be renamed “frangdon.” Min says something like “chillo.” My daughter chooses “icerator.”

“What do you think?” we ask my then four-year-old son.

He thinks for a few minutes, then announces: “the c*ck.”

Oh my. Min and I laughed so hard, we almost drove off the road. Meanwhile, my daughter repeated, “What’s a c*ck? What’s a c*ck?” And my son was highly offended that we were laughing so hard at his renaming attempt.

Two things happened after that. For the whole of our Creston get-together, my brother-in-law found excuses to say things like, “could you grab me a beer from the c*ck?”

And, I had the world’s only four-year-old who read “Henny Penny and Bad-Word Locky.”

To this day, if you ask him what sound a rooster makes, he says: “Bad-Word-a-Doodle-Doo.”

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