My daughter’s school, in a feat of disorganization, has failed to assign children to teachers. Apparently, they have ten less children than they expected, which means they may or may not lose a teacher, which means they may or may not have to juggle all the classes around. (Um… why don’t they ask students to register before the first day of school, so they can COUNT them? Just saying.)

Five school days so far, and no classroom. Today, she learned the chicken dance and watched Wallace and Gromit on video in the library. Nice.

I tried to convince her to boycott school until she has a teacher, but she’s having too much fun. In the meantime, the sheer ineptitude of the situation is driving me crazy… which Min finds entertaining.

Min: I’m glad I’m not the principal, having to face all you angry moms.

T: He’s a principal. He’s used to it.

Min: Just because you’re a park ranger doesn’t mean you like grizzly bears.

3 thoughts on “Roar

  1. Sarah

    I know lots of other schools in this situation. It seems to be the norm in BC these days. What I don’t understand is why it is such a complicated algorithm that it takes a whole week to solve. Perhaps some teacher who follows this blog can fill us in.

  2. Pam R.

    I can relate, Tanya… my daughter’s school is in the same boat, although they have at last got the classes sorted. (But the school supplies issues… sigh.) As one parent commented last year, you’d think someone at the school could figure out how to divide up the kids in less that four days, say learn Excel.

  3. Tanya Post author

    I have to admit, the thought of sorting it out makes me think of those word problems in math class. The ones that said, “Sally is sitting to the right of Mark. Mark is sitting by someone with brown hair. Beth is taller than the person to her left. Who’s sitting by Laura?” And you’re supposed to draw a grid.

    But hey… don’t they have math teachers who can figure these things out?


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