Round One

Liberation of Consciousness

Whew. It was a crazy weekend, with a family lunch, a surprise wedding (Congratulations, Jacqui!), a volunteer shift at Sunday school (yikes), a birthday party, and a Jazz Festival concert. In between all that… drum roll, please… I managed to proofread most of my first draft.

So, one of those doves is me, escaping from the tyranny of my manuscript. That’s right — it’s finished! It’s off to the editor this morning. And, since I haven’t yet worked with this editor, there’s always the chance she’ll think my writing is pure genius, and needs no revision.

Or… she could say it has the structural integrity of an IKEA dresser.

Either way, I figure I have at least two weeks of freedom.

(Photo by h.koppdelaney.)

2 thoughts on “Round One

  1. Jacqui

    Sorry to add to the craziness of your weekend…but THANKS for being there. In your boa. (And dress.)


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