Rule breaking

Remember all my fuss about taking some time off for fiction-writing this season? Well, I submitted a non-fiction manuscript on Friday. And the book is on such a speed-of-light schedule that I’m sure I have all of 72 hours to concentrate on fiction before my first edit arrives.

But that’s okay, because I can’t remember what the heck I was writing anyway. Remember my other fuss, about writing a little every day? Hmmmm…. didn’t manage that!

No need to panic. I’ve bridged the gap between non-fiction time and fiction time by reading a hilariously retro spy/detective novel which I picked up because it was set in Burma. Yup, now I’ve cleared my mental palate. (If my novel’s eventually published, and chapter 12 has all sorts of dark alleyways and twisting markets, with a Heart-of-Darkness jungle scene thrown in, you’ll know why.)

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