My friend Leanne said yesterday, “Do you ever worry about earthquakes?”

This, as we dropped our three-year-olds off for preschool in the basement of an old, three-story, brick elementary school.

Little did she realize she was talking to the woman who hates driving over the Lions Gate Bridge in case there’s a quake while I’m mid-span.

How had I not thought of this before?

I went home and immediately looked for information on the web. I found Families for School Seismic Safety. It turns out my daughter’s school is one of 311 found in 2004 to be “at high risk of sustaining severe damage to structural elements in the event of a moderate to strong earthquake.”

I’m sending her to school in a death trap!

Oh, but don’t worry. Because in the last four years, they’ve made huge progress. Yup. They’ve managed to upgrade the roof over the covered outdoor play area.

Well, now I feel better.

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