Runner: Harry Jerome, World’s Fastest Man

I made the best deal a few months ago. I gave Norma Charles a copy of Prince of Pot. In return, I received a copy of Runner: Harry Jerome, World’s Fastest Man, personally delivered to my door last week.

I couldn’t put it down! As befits a book about a runner, the story is non-stop action. It begins with a flood in Harry’s original hometown of St. Boniface, Manitoba, follows him to the baseball, soccer, and track fields of North Vancouver, and ends with a sprint for gold in Jamaica. The book also has a wonderful foreword about Norma’s personal connection to Harry Jerome and back matter about the interviews and research she conducted before writing the story.

I loved it, from start to finish (line). Even better, my son has agreed to read it. Usually, he restricts himself to reading and rereading Rick Riordan titles, so this is a major concession for him.

Norma, congratulations on a wonderful book and on a well-deserved BC Book Prize nomination!

3 thoughts on “Runner: Harry Jerome, World’s Fastest Man

  1. Norma Charles

    Tanya! Wow! You’ve made my day! And week. Month.
    I feel as if I was the one who got the best deal. I LOVED your PRINCE of POT. Your setting of the wilds of the Kootenays was perfect for this coming of age story of a young man torn between being loyal to his family of pot farmers, and trying to fit into the life of his classmates. The whole story from start to finish rang true for me. Well done!


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