Save the writer

I have just bought a book called Save the Cat. Why? Well…

  • It was recommended at a SiWC workshop.
  • It’s called Save the Cat, and I have no idea why, and that’s a pretty interesting title and I’m a pretty curious sort. Although, now that I think of it, there’s that whole cat/curiosity thing.
  • It’s supposed to solve all my problems with plot. This would be good.

But the best thing of all about reading Save the Cat? It will distract me from the fact that there was a massive EARTHQUAKE off the coast last night, and aftershocks today, and I’m dropping my kids off this morning at a 100-year-old DEATH TRAP of a school.

Ahem… yes. Of to read Save the Cat now. Seismic Upgrading Committee meeting on Thursday. Maybe yet one more letter to the premier before that.

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