Saving the ten percent

You know how, if you want to save money, you’re supposed to put ten percent of your income in a separate account right away, before you spend anything?

Yeah, me neither. Bad analogy.

Here’s my point: I’ve been reading about people finding their ideal “creative time.” And it’s annoying me. If you’re someone who can read the newspaper all morning, walk the seawall in the afternoon, and then spend the evening sipping wine by the fireplace, then by all means, find your ideal creative time.

If you’re a NORMAL person, and you have to answer your e-mails and volunteer at the school and grocery shop and cook dinner and meet a deadline and do some laundry because that basket’s starting to smell weird and soon people aren’t going to want to come to your house anymore (oops… is that just me?), then forget finding your own creative time.

Just get up and write before everything else gets in the way!

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