Semi-celebration time

I am exactly halfway through the first draft of my work in progress. Halfway!

I am slogging through the big, boggy middle at the moment, so I’m not sure I really deserve to be celebrating, but still…

Halfway is something. It’s at least worthy of a glass of wine, or a big slice of apple pie for dessert.

Hmmm… maybe when I finish the manuscript, I can have apple pie for breakfast. Now that would be good motivation.

2 thoughts on “Semi-celebration time

  1. Mary Jane

    Congratulations Tanya. I thought I’d give a cheer for you today. I think wine and pie and some ice cream to help cool down on a Vancouver sunny day would be appropriate.

  2. Rachel

    I’d say that’s serious celebration time. It is July, after all, and the sun is finally out. To make it to the halfway mark under those circumstances is an accomplishment indeed!


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