Shopping tales

While I was in Creston last week, I stopped by my friend Brandy’s store, Creative Fix. (And wow — what a store. If Min hadn’t been standing outside raising his eyebrows at me, I would have bought that place out faster than you can say “please swipe my Visa.”)

My mom and sister were there with me, and just after my sister and I stopped circling the same handbag and admiring the same necklace, my mom picked up a piece of Brandy’s art and said, “this looks like something you’d like.”

I said: “I do like it. But that’s a print. I bought the original.”

Yes. Out of an entire bin of prints, my mom picked the one that I had already bought.

It’s the last item on this page, in case you’re curious. And if you want to visit Creative Fix, it’s a mere 10 hours east of Vancouver, and totally worth the drive.

1 thought on “Shopping tales

  1. Brandy

    Awwh. I’m so sorry I missed you that day. That’s crazy about your mom picking that print. I guess she knows you well! I got a chance to catch up with Sandy at the winery which was great. Do stop by next time you’re in town… I’d love to see you. Thanks for stopping by Creative Fix 🙂


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