Signs of spring

Here’s how I can tell spring is coming:

  1. I took two spiders out of the family room this weekend. (Well, okay. I squished one.)
  2. The mud in the entranceway calls for daily sweeping.
  3. My whole family is sneezing.

On a happier note:

  1. I just reread The 100 Mile Diet, for annual inspiration.
  2. My vegetable seeds have arrived, many to be disguised as ornamental plants and grown in the front garden this year.
  3. I impulsively grabbed Keeping the Bees from the library shelf last week. I’m guessing a hive on the back deck is unrealistic (probably), but I’m thinking of drilling some holes for mason bees. Don’t tell Min.
  4. I saw The Zero Mile Diet in the window of Bolen Books and drooled. (Drool may have been caused by Aphrodite Pie Company next door. I will have to do further research to be sure.)

1 thought on “Signs of spring

  1. Sandy

    Lou bought bees last year – they came with a pre-drilled home from our nursery. Put it up in the back of the back yard and Min might never know (assuming no one’s allergic?) 🙂


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