So close I can taste it…

I’m about 10 pages away from having a finished first draft of my novel. There’s lots of work still to do — big sections to revise, issues to add, scenes (and scenes and scenes) to rewrite. But still. A draft! Almost done! I feel like I should get a Girl Guide badge. Or at least a box of cookies.

5 thoughts on “So close I can taste it…

  1. Sandy

    Really – Where DO you find the time? I too will bake up a storm for you. Sorry Deryn – I don’t think it’s Crowsnest, but maybe Tanya will pitty us and present another chapter soon!?!

  2. Tanya Post author

    Wow… such interest. It’s the Cole novel, not the Crowsnest. But, Sandy and Deryn, if you’re SOOOO desperate for something to read, you’re both welcome to sign on as beta readers for Cole. (Rachelle has already had to plough through most of it.)

    See what you get for all your pestering? You get put to work!


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