So if I wanted to be a pirate… would I have to clean the long drop?

I’ve just finished a (long overdue) reading of The Ship of Lost Souls, by Rachelle Delaney. The book was as entertaining as a swashbuckling Johnny Depp, albeit in an entirely different way.

But, it left me with a few questions. And since Kate Pullinger stopped by to comment on her post (Did you see that?!? This little blog temporarily hit the big time, baby!), I thought… who knows? Maybe Rachelle will do the same…

My questions:
1. Do pirates really beach their ships to scrub them?
2. Do your pirate shanties stick in your head?
3. Have you ever walked through an ophidian aggregation?
4. Smelly pigs? Inspired by anyone you know?
5. If someone had grabbed you in the port (yes… the Port of Edmonton) when you were 12, would you have run away with pirates?
Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now. Other than to say: I have known smelly pigs. It’s quite possible that I live with a few of them.

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