Teacher strikes and the work-at-home mom

You know those stories about people who are diagnosed with terminal cancer and manage to write their masterpieces in only three weeks? Well, I’m not wishing for terminal cancer by any means, but the threat of a teacher strike has seriously helped my productivity.

I’ve completed a copy edit (in a single day). I’ve written thousands of words of my work-in-progress. Not necessarily great words, but words nonetheless. I’m even caught up on thank you cards and volunteer work.

I know.

All of this, of course, is because I may NEVER HAVE SILENCE AGAIN. But as I told my copy editor, I’m sure they’ll have internet in my asylum.

1 thought on “Teacher strikes and the work-at-home mom

  1. Rachel

    Haha, me too! I said at dinner tonight that I can’t believe today is only Tuesday. I’ve gotten so much done over the past two days that it feels like Friday!


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