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Entirely unrelated things

Let’s see… should I start with the most intellectual and go toward the least? Or the other way around?

1. Bizaardvark video
My daughter played this for me this morning and it made my day. I think this song is about me!

2. Eyes and Spies
Friends have been emailing and texting me all week about Alex Van Tol‘s piece about Eyes and Spies in BC Bookworld. (You can read it here, on page 35, if your eyesight is excellent. Or you can look for a real-life copy at various bookstores.) It’s such a good article, it made me think Alex should have written the book instead of me.

3. No Is Not Enough
Min and I went with our friends Jacqui and Carl to see Naomi Klein Saturday night, as she launched her new book, No Is Not Enough. That woman opens her mouth and brilliant things spew out of her. Which is really not fair to the rest of us who muddle through life trying to seem smarter than we really are. I do think I may have gained a few IQ points just from listening, and have hopes I’ll gain more as I read the book.

In case you couldn’t tell, I decided on least intellectual to most. But if you’re overwhelmed, Silence also showed me this emoji video. Enjoy.


I was little miss social this week. First, I had a lovely lunch and seawall walk with Alex Van Tol, who was visiting from Victoria for the VPL’s Writing & Book Camp.

I’d only met Alex electronically before this. She’s very smart and funny and pretty. And she swears just as much (maybe a teensy bit more) than the characters in her books. We had a great time talking about plot-development, the obstacles (children) involved in summer writing, and the earthquake/power outage dilemma. (Is it better to be well-prepared, or will that attract looters?) Seriously. That’s what we talked about.

Last night, I had an impromptu back-yard dinner with Rachelle Delaney, who is deep in the editing process for a new pirate novel. We talked a bit about writing, too, but mostly we listened to my husband’s ridiculously inappropriate stories from his time as an Easter Seals camp counsellor.

And today, Rachelle and Alex are going out.

If there are no new books published next year, you’ll know it’s because we were all too busy being social summer butterflies.