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Life with a children’s writer

My poor husband. These are the types of conversations he has on a daily basis.

Me: We need a new mop.

Min: There’s a Canadian Tire right here. I’ll pull in.

Me: NO! I hate Canadian Tire. I can never find anything. And there are self-checkouts.

Min: Where else are we going to get a mop? Oh, I’ll stop at London Drugs.

Me: I don’t want to go to London Drugs.

Min: Okay, but I don’t understand where you’re going to get a mop. Are you hoping one will appear by the counter in KidsBooks?

Me: Ooooh… do you think that’s a possibility?


Without Min, I would probably have spent several more months visualizing a mop, and mulling about the need for a mop, before proceeding to plan the buying of a mop.

You will be happy to hear that after this conversation, I did (begrugingly) agree to enter Canadian Tire. Hopefully we will have no further household needs in 2015, because I’m not going back.